We often hear businesses say, “we don’t need a UPS because all our data is safely backed up in the cloud.” This is a typical misconception. An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) sits between mains electricity and your sensitive IT equipment. The UPS will protect your IT equipment from the many and varied power issues that are supplied into your building from the grid. Not having one can lead to loss of data and damage to your computer hard-drive. Why take the risk?

If you run a business where a power outage could cause data loss, serious business disruption, injuries or even fatalities, then it’s essential to have the right backup power solutions in place. A UPS system is critical equipment for any business, and it is advisable to install trusted reliable brands. Continu can help you find the complete solution for your backup power requirements. We look after the design, supply, installation, commission, and maintenance, so that you can carry on with business as usual, safe in the knowledge that you have backup power for your critical systems. We provide 24/7 emergency callouts and offer 24-hour flexibility to key customers. We are here to support you with existing orders and new enquiries.

The importance of maintenance

If your UPS was serviced more than six months ago it may not be capable of protecting your critical systems in the event of power disruptions. The other consideration is that your system may no longer be the appropriate size for your current electrical load. Businesses go to great lengths to protect against power disruptions and anything else that may threaten uptime and maintenance to a backup power system. It is critical to ensure that your backup system works as intended and that it is properly maintained, as this will also extend its life cycle.

Continu customers have several options when it comes to UPS maintenance, beginning with a tailored service support plan. Certain components have an expected life cycle and our software collects data to inform the need for replacement. With this approach, our customers only replace components in danger of failing, rather than replacing the entire unit, which may be costly.

In addition, to help keep your critical assets up and running we install Remote monitoring to enable you to monitor and manage your entire connected site remotely – it is a cloud-based Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software platform that provides real time notifications on the health of your assets. Our Service Support provides an efficient alternative to having an engineer physically on your site, saving you on potential unnecessary callout costs.
Tom Hall, Technical Director of Continu has this advice:
“Lack of knowledge and a certain amount of fear means many businesses may have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system installed at their premises, but neglect to maintain it. When problems do arise, in most cases, issues are due to avoidable errors, like batteries being expired or not correctly maintained. Without a service support programme in place, these ad-hoc call outs can be expensive and uneconomical in the long run.”

Just as a UPS is intended to reduce risks associated with power problems, a service support plan with remote monitoring mitigates against the risk of the UPS failing.

If you would like the Continu team to survey your organisation’s backup power needs or discuss our Service Support Plans, please contact us.