Power Distribution

Ensuring your I.T. facility runs at optimum efficiency

Power distribution and transfer switch solutions for IT equipment from server rooms to data centres. We offer an extensive Power Distribution product range with leading manufacturers.

Three Phase Static Transfer Switches

Static transfer switches (STS) supply power to a range of equipment from two independent and redundant power sources. Static Transfer Switches automatically transfer power to a stable alternate source in less than 4ms under normal operating conditions. Range includes the MGE Upsilon and Riello Master Switch Three Phase. These static transfer switches commonly used within power continuity applications to improve resilience. The system can be used in conjunction with UPS or as separate standalone devices.

Single Phase Automatic Transfer switches (ATS)

Transfer switches for seamless transfer of power sources in the home, data center and other critical applications

Automatic Transfer Switches (rack ATS) provide reliable, redundant rack mount power to single-corded equipment. The ATS has dual input power cords supplying power to the connected load. If the primary power source becomes unavailable, the ATS will seamlessly source power from the secondary source without interrupting critical loads. The ATS has built-in network connectivity, which allows for remote management via Web, SNMP, or Telnet interfaces. The range includes APC Rack ATS, Riello Multi Switch.

Rack Power Distribution

Rack PDUs provide server level power availability with a variety of power metering and control options as well as environmental monitoring capability.
These options include:
• APC – Metered by outlet with Switching Rack PDU
• Switched Rack PDU
• Metered by-outlet Rack PDU
• Metered Rack PDU
• Basic Rack PDU

Uninterruptible Power Supply

For information on Computer & Peripheral, Network & Server and Data Centre & Three Phase.

Computer and Peripheral

Typical customers for this range would include smaller offices.

Network and Server

Power availability and management for entry level to high performance servers, storage and business networking systems.

Data Centre and Three Phase

Three phase UPS power protection, solving today’s energy challenges.

Further information

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