Continu has been working throughout the current crisis to ensure that your backup power supplies remain protected and that your sensitive IT equipment continues to work as normal. We cannot emphasise the importance of keeping your backup power properly maintained.

Maintenance is essential in certain situations and, with a gradual easing of ‘lockdown’ restrictions, we are also looking beyond our critical sites.

Whilst still prioritising our engineers to work at our critical sites in Health, Telecoms, Utilities and Food, we are actively considering non-essential works, such as Preventative Maintenance (PM) visits as part of your Service Support Plan.

We continue to provide 24/7 emergency callouts and offer 24-hour flexibility to key customers. We are here to support you with existing orders and new enquiries, including other electrical works you may be struggling to get resources for.

The importance of maintenance

Businesses go to great lengths to protect against power disruptions and anything else that may threaten uptime and maintenance to a backup power system. It is critical to ensure that your backup system works as intended and that it is properly maintained, as this will also extend its life cycle.

Continu customers have several options when it comes to UPS maintenance, beginning with a tailored service support plan. Support plans cover services such as planned maintenance visits to check items including UPS connections, filters, capacitors, batteries and fans, followed by a detailed report with our recommendations.

Certain components have an expected life cycle and our software collects data to inform the need for replacement. With this approach, our customers only replace components in danger of failing, rather than replacing the entire unit, which may be costly.

Just as UPS is intended to reduce risks associated with power problems, a service support plan mitigates the risk of the UPS failing.

If you would like the Continu team to survey your organisation’s backup power needs or discuss our Service Support Plans, please contact us.