Having an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) backup system has recently proven to be crucial to companies operating in the agri food sector. In these unprecedented times, the supply line to the major supermarkets is vital not only for ensuring that essential food products are made readily available, but also to the overall wellbeing of communities.

All businesses will inevitably experience downtime due to IT issues. Increasingly, these issues are caused by power interruptions such as spikes and surges, as well as complete mains failure. During these electrical power problems, businesses with adequate back-up power will remain protected and sensitive IT equipment will continue as usual.

Backup Power ensures that suppliers’ systems are protected should power fail at any time. Downtime not only breaks the supply chain – it can be expensive too. According to a survey by Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC), a single hour of downtime costs a company £80,000 – for our food manufacturing customers, this figure is likely to be much higher.

Protect against power disruptions

Having robust back-up power equipment is therefore critical for our food manufacturing customers. If a process in a plant abruptly stops, it may take days or even weeks to restart. This means that not only would products which were in production go to waste but the important link in the supermarket supply chain would also be broken. It is therefore not surprising that these businesses go to great lengths to protect against power disruptions and anything else that may threaten uptime. Even an hour or two of downtime would not only be costly but crucial.

As well as being trusted by large public and private organisations with business critical IT systems, much of Continu’s success has stemmed from a company-wide ethos of ‘exceptional customer care.’

“We are extremely proud to be working alongside companies such as Moy Park, Irwin’s, Greenfield Foods and Golden Irish, especially in these uncertain times where the supply line to the major supermarkets is crucial. Continu is proud to have safeguarded these suppliers’ operations in the event of power failure,” said Alison McFadden, MD, Continu.

Continu employs a team of Backup Power experts providing sales, installs and ongoing Service Support for data centres and small server rooms across many essential markets from Health to Government and IT.

If you would like the Continu team to assess your organisation’s backup power or energy needs please contact us.