Increasingly our clients are embracing the circular economy principles such as upgradeability and recyclability, moving beyond the buy, build and dispose model. Utilising ‘green’ products and services enables our customers to reduce their environmental impact and optimize the total costs of ownership of their backup power assets. This in turn, clearly impacts on sustainability goals.

Alison McFadden, MD of Continu commented,
‘Through our exclusive partnership with global energy management company, Schneider Electric, Continu is delighted to offer one of the latest innovations in UPS technology – the Galaxy VS – an innovative and highly efficient Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. The Galaxy VS is ‘Green Premium Certified by Schneider Electric’ – this means the product, service and solution is “eco-designed and supports our customers to meet their own sustainability goals.“ (read more here).

Featuring a special operating mode called “ECOnversion” (a patented technology by Schneider Electric), the Galaxy VS runs at an efficiency level of 99% (compared to the standard 95%), which provides potentially significant cost savings for big energy users. The Galaxy VS is also compatible with EcoStruxure IT by APC Schneider Electric which helps monitor and manage a customer’s critical infrastructure remotely – to ensure you have sight of the health of your critical assets 24/7.

Continu have extensive technical knowledge and experience of designing, installing, and providing clean, stable and Uninterruptible Power Supply, essential to businesses that manage information and processes. Continu supports organisations across a wide range of sectors – and the Galaxy VS is a reliable and highly efficient solution for Healthcare; Telecommunications; small to medium data centres (IT); transportation; manufacturing; and IT industries.

For more information on the Galaxy VS, download the brochure here or contact our team who will be happy to help.