Continu has been working throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that the Health Sector’s backup power supply remains protected and that their sensitive IT equipment continues to work as normal.

If you run a business where a power outage could cause data loss, serious business disruption, injuries or even fatalities, then it is essential to have the right backup power solutions in place. A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system is critical equipment for any business, and it is advisable to install trusted, dependable brands.

A stable, ‘clean’ and reliable power source is a necessity within the Health Trusts – Continu supply and install UPS’s in the Trusts and Hospitals throughout Northern Ireland and help futureproof them against many power problems such as power cuts; fluctuations caused by weather; electrical equipment; faults and power failures. Maintenance is essential in certain situations and, with a future easing of ‘lockdown’ restrictions, we are also looking beyond our critical sites.

We are proud to continuously back up the Health Sector by:

• Providing new backup equipment and remote monitoring to various Vaccination centres; Track and Trace Centres and ICU departments
• Providing back up power for the Belfast Trust’s helipad
• Leasing various backup equipment to safeguard critical equipment in theatres.
• Backup power to various locations within hospitals such as PPE Stores, Maternity Wards, Children’s Ward and Cardiac ICU’s to name a few.
• Essential Preventative Maintenance on existing equipment and batteries throughout the Trusts
• Call outs – to ensure that Continu can help get critical assets up and running again as soon as possible.

Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring that critical systems are kept up and running at all times, saving you money, preventing downtime and protecting your data and equipment. Contact us today for a site survey of your critical IT equipment.