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Balancing Energy Efficiency

We are passionate about empowering your business to radically overturn your approach to energy consumption.

Energy Systems are going through a period of rapid and fundamental change due to the three main drivers:

Why Do We Need Energy Storage Now?

The grid operator is responsible for balancing supply and demand of electricity. With the introduction of more than 1600MW of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in NI, balancing has become more challenging. At times of unexpected increases in demand, energy storage can be used to discharge power back to the Systems Operator (SONI) and Eirgrid. Participating in this ‘demand balancing’ provides businesses with significant rewards. Energy Storage is used to ‘smooth out’ the supply from RES which is unreliable by nature.

The fact that Energy Systems are going through a period of rapid and fundamental change presents a variety of challenges to the grid and huge opportunities for business consumers. The historic, centralised model of energy systems that regarded consumers as passive is being overturned.

The Northern Ireland generation of RES is world leading but supply outweighs demand. In order to meet government targets for the Island of Ireland and fully utilise our renewables as well as support the infrastructure requirements for EV fleets, we need battery energy storage.

What Are Battery Energy Storage Systems?

Battery Energy Storage Systems store electrical energy from both renewable and non-renewable sources for use when required.

Large energy users have the ability to come off the grid, flexibly. The DS3 market in Ireland enables organisations with energy consuming machinery and equipment to trade their energy. Our BESS offer organisations a flexible approach to energy consumption with best in class software capable of automatically optimizing power usage onsite.

How Do Battery Energy Storage Systems Work?

Continu Energy offers battery storage solutions in partnership with global leading energy storage solution manufacturers. By storing electrical energy (BESS) the business consumer can manage variability from onsite renewable energy, balance supply and demand, and create new income streams.

BESS Model

What are the Benefits of a BESS System?

✔ Meet your sustainability targets and KPI’s

✔ Create substantial savings in Energy Bills

✔ Minimise your carbon footprint and eliminate reliance on diesel generators

✔ Eliminate need for costly grid connections to support EV fleets

✔ Integration with UPS system to ensure resilience of power

✔ Green, clean energy – Zero emissions

✔ Ability to come off the grid, flexibly.

✔ Reduce demand at peak times to support grid stability

✔ Facilitate a hybrid network of your energy assets, to earn more and buy less

✔ Participate in ‘demand balancing’ which offers significant rewards

✔ Energy Programmes such as DS3 are available to businesses to help facilitate the system operator running with higher levels of RES

✔ Smooth out the supply from your renewable generation which is unreliable by nature.


Key Benefits of Continu Energy BESS

✔ Best in class modular and flexible energy storage system

✔ Designed for C&I and grid utility projects

✔ Compact for small footprint installations

✔ State-of-the-art off gas detection system

✔ Minimal Opex for long term cost savings

✔ Manufactured in GB – exceptional lead times

✔ Best in class automation and monitoring software

✔ Energy Trading services

✔ Variety of finance options

✔ Turnkey solution – design, build, install, ongoing service

✔ The system is modular and expandable – plug and play factory built and tested solution.


Market Ready Technologies

Continu Energy combine the skills expertise and experience of a team of industry experts to design, build and deliver Battery Energy Storage Systems for a wide variety of applications both on and off grid. We have the in-house skills to ‘value stack’ your project, including energy market forecasts, with best in class modelling and simulation tools, allowing you to optimise the lifetime of your project.

Is a BESS system right for your Business?

Your current energy usage
Your Energy KPI’s
EV Fleet?
Balance size of battery against resilience
Cost – ‘value stack’
Re-think the role of a conventional UPS – resilience requirements
Calculate your future needs


Continu Energy BESS Project Steps

BESS Project Steps

Continu Energy BESS Products

Continu Energy BESS Product Brochures:

The most flexible all-in-one energy storage system for hybridisation and self-consumption.

The most flexible all-in-one modular energy storage system for low cost commercial and industrial project overheads.

The most flexible utility scale modular energy storage system on the market today.

The most flexible all-in-one EV charging system for future proofing infrastructure.

BESS Brochure Cover

BESS Delivery and Installation

✔ Flexible large scale energy storage system, fully factory built and tested.

✔ Quick and easy to install with ultra low installation cost.

✔ High density modular integrated modular energy solution.

✔ Low operating costs thanks to its enclosed cooling and IP64 housing.

✔ Compact for small footprint operations.

✔ Reduces project risk thanks to its simple installation and lightweight construction. See ‘Install’ video below.

1MW storage housing in production

1MW storage housing in production

Enclosed Cooling and IP64 Housing

Enclosed cooling and IP64 housing

1MW storage ready for testing

1MW storage ready for testing

Safe and easy delivery by HIAB

Safe and easy delivery by HIAB