Case Study: NIE

Continu providing muti-site backup power

Multi-site Backup Power Service Support Contract

The project

Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) UPS multi-site maintenance contract.

The background

Northern Ireland’s electricity network is all around us. It spans the country on a network of pylons, substations, poles, overhead lines and underground cables, delivering power to customers.
At the NIE Regional offices throughout NI there are various UPS protecting critical server rooms. It is imperative that the UPS are fully functioning and capable of protecting the load. This means regular UPS maintenance to ensure the backup protecting the servers actually works.

The solution

Continu were awarded the tender to provide the Service Support for all sites. As an independent specialist and partner to leading brands such as APC and Riello we have unique access to the necessary spare parts required for all repairs. This provides us with extremely competitive pricing for genuine spare parts and batteries which we pass on to customers.

With full access to diagnostic software and original spare parts NIE have one point of contact for all their UPS, using qualified Field Service Engineers for each specific UPS system, professionally managed by Continu.

The first part of the project was to carry out Health Checks on all existing equipment across all sites. This determined the need for ad hoc repairs and battery replacements. Continu quickly organised a team to carry out the necessary repairs.

Through the use of our customised CRM system and mobile apps for field service engineers, we provide NIE with a tailored, timely preventative maintenance programme.

The results

Regular preventative maintenance and timely repairs means NIE now have peace of mind that their backup power will protect their equipment. Instead of having ad hoc servicing by several third parties, they now have an organised professional backup power support.

“Having one point of contact has greatly improved the management of our UPS maintenance across all our sites. Continu are a local company with the expertise on the ground to quickly respond to call-outs as well as providing us with the peace of mind that PMs on our systems are being carried out by OEM trained engineers. I would recommend Continu to any multi-site operation.”
Philip Allen, Procurement Services NIE