For most industries, having reliability of power to ensure that their business operations run smoothly and efficiently is of utmost importance.
The Commissioners of Irish Lights is a “body that serves as the general lighthouse authority for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and their adjacent seas and islands.” The ILV Granuaile entered into service in January 2000 and has a responsibility for “maintaining navigational aids and offshore buoys around the coast of Ireland which warn mariners of the location of sand banks, reefs and other offshore hazards near shipping routes.”

Continu is privileged to have supplied and installed an APC Smart-UPS 10kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply onboard the Commissioners of Irish Lights navigation vessel, the ILV Granuaile. This equipment is to provide back-up power to the navigation equipment on the bridge of the ship which includes one of the gyros for navigation, 2 radars, depth sounder and electronic chart display system as well as for the radios and the charging of emergency handheld radios.

Specialising in providing clean, stable and Uninterruptible Power Supply, Continu supports organisations across a wide range of sectors, from agri-food production to IT, hospitality and education – with a range of sizes, scales and requirements.
Organisations go to great lengths to protect against power disruptions and anything else that may threaten uptime and maintenance to a backup power system. It is critical to ensure that your backup system works as intended and that it is properly maintained, as this will also extend its life cycle.

Continu can help you find the complete solution for your backup power requirements. We look after the design, supply, installation, commission and maintenance, so that you can carry on with business as usual, safe in the knowledge that you have backup power for your critical systems. If you would like the Continu team to assess your organisation’s backup power or energy needs, please contact us.